After spending more than 25 years as a successful private equity investor and fund manager, Peter Castleman founded Westwind in order to invest his own capital.  Mr. Castleman believes the fund management business has some fundamental flaws, which a holding company model solves.  Specifically, Westwind’s investment principles are:

  1. No time horizon.
    Owning great companies long term is a smart investment decision.


  1. Unlocking Entrepreneurial spirit.
    The greatness of America lies in our country’s entrepreneurial spirit; our investment focus is on expanding and supporting this entrepreneurial spirit.


  1. Have a strong “Why”.
    Invest around a strong vision, mission, and purpose so you are building an enterprise you will be proud of.


  1. Talent.
    Attract, inspire, motivate and align with talented executives.


  1. Active Involvement.
    Success requires perspiration as well as inspiration.


  1. Never, ever give up.
    Building greatness is hard and is a learning process, which requires patience and perseverance.